About me

My name is Lucy Rowan. I am a Writer and Editor from South West London. Since graduating, I have gained extensive experience working within the editorial sector across multiple publications. One day, I hope to become the Culture Editor of an eminent newspaper.

My interest areas are social, political and religious movements, particularly about what pushes them to erupt in protest. I also like to focus on underrepresented sects of society and elevate them through my writing. As a neurodivergent individual from a low-socio-economic background, I know all too well why representation is imperative to achieving social cohesion and vivid cultural landscapes. In this sense, my writing reflects much more than the need to pay my bills – I choose to work for companies and organisations whose values align with my own and whom I feel proud to represent.

I would define my writing style as informative yet thought-provoking. I endeavour to remain as neutral as possible, letting the people I interview speak for themselves. As a writer, I am aware of the inherent and unavoidable human biases I hold, which is why I prefer this style of journalism. After reading my articles, people should feel inspired to develop their own opinions from the facts and voices outlined. I hope to welcome readers to new creatives, sub-cultures, ideologies, and perspectives they have never experienced before, with the ultimate aim to help create more culturally aware and enriched human beings.


I was awarded upper second class honours from King’s College London, where I studied BA Religion, Politics and Society. I took a strong interest in the following: Islamic Studies, the History of Christianity, Social Movements and Religious Violence. Whilst at KCL, I volunteered as the Treasurer of the Theology & Religious Studies Department.

In my second year of studies at KCL, I was chosen for the Study Abroad programme on academic merit. I attended the University of Toronto, Canada, which is ranked #23 in the world. Whilst at UofT, I was a recipient of the KCL Broadening Horizons Award.

As the Canadian academic system follows more similarly to the American one, during my time at UofT, I had a lot more flexibility in terms of my module choices. Although I majored in Political Science, I also took modules from the History, Legal and Religious Studies departments.

In 2017, I was awarded an academic scholarship to study at Humboldt University, Berlin. I took the summer MA course ‘Islam and Feminism’.