About me

My name is Lucy Rowan and I am a 25-year-old Writer and Editor from South West London. Since graduating, I have gained extensive experience working within the editorial sector across a variety of publications. Ultimately, I aspire to get into documentary-style investigatory journalism.

I have a strong interest in social and religious movements, particularly in what pushes them to act violently or be classified as ‘extremist’ by society. I also like to focus on underrepresented sects of society and elevate them through my writing.

I would define my writing style as informative, yet thought-provoking. I aim to remain as neutral as possible, letting the people I interview speak for themselves. The reader should feel inspired to read my pieces and develop their own arguments from the facts outlined.


I was awarded upper second class honours from King’s College London, where I studied BA Religion, Politics and Society. I took a strong interest in the following: Islamic Studies, the History of Christianity, Social Movements and Religious Violence. Whilst at KCL, I volunteered as the Treasurer of the Theology & Religious Studies Department.

In my second year of studies at KCL, I was chosen for the Study Abroad programme on academic merit. I attended the University of Toronto, Canada, which is ranked #23 in the world. Whilst at UofT, I was a recipient of the KCL Broadening Horizons Award.

As the Canadian academic system follows more similarly to the American one, during my time at UofT, I had a lot more flexibility in terms of my module choices. Although I majored in Political Science, I also took modules from the History, Legal and Religious Studies departments.

In 2017, I was awarded an academic scholarship to study at Humboldt University, Berlin. I took the summer MA course ‘Islam and Feminism’.