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Talking Culture

Image belongs to Goethe-Institut London

Since joining Goethe-Institut London as their Online Editor, part of my work has included managing, producing and hosting the Talking Culture podcast channel.

Talking Culture is a platform for thought-provoking discussions about the future of Europe, the UK, and the world. Through fascinating interviews with thinkers and doers in the arts and culture sector, this show investigates how creative fields are emerging from the tumultuous present into the future. What role will culture play in a post-Brexit, post-COVID-19, post-colonial world? And how can it contribute to a future that prioritises sustainability, collaboration, diversity, and inclusion? From the Goethe-Institut London, this is a podcast about the critical role and value that arts and culture have in our societies.

You can listen to the Talking Culture episodes on Spotify below. In case you can’t access Spotify, follow the link to our website where you can listen for free: https://www.goethe.de/ins/gb/en/kul/ser/pod.html

My own podcast channel:

Lucy’s London

Image created by me. Original by Ana Julia Gobbi.

In January 2021, I launched my Podcast: Lucy’s London The topics covered politics to popular culture. I wanted to create an open space for discussion and encourage debate about topics that are of interest to me. I also wanted the podcast to act as a source of inspiration for social change and education.

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